Design-Defective Putters cause "YIPS" -- Putting is the most challenging part of the game of golf, and when your golf putter hinders instead of helps you every time you use it, the challenge will turn to frustration and fatigue; the dreaded putting YIPS. 

If you take away only one tidbit from this informative website on Golf Putters Putting, this should be it...


How?  Because they hinder your putting performance instead of helping it, and during the long exhausting game of golf, eventually you will likely suffer the YIPs as a result.  However there is one and only one golf putter that helps your golf putting performance in every way and hinders it in no way whatsoever -- the new Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter. It solves your Stroke Problem, your Glide Problem, your Impact Problem, your Launch Problem, and your Alignment Problem;. And since it is custom fitted to your exact putting style and physical stature, it also solvers your Fitting Problem.  One cure for all your golf putting problems including the dreaded YIPs.

This Problem has One Cause


Your golf putter should HELP instead of HINDER your golf putting performance -- if it doesn't do that for you then you toss it into the trash heap of defective design, and bag a better putter.

Best Golf Putter Putting | ENDURANCE

Do you remember the great golfing movie, "Happy Gilmore" staring Adam Sandler?  In it there was a scene when he gets down on the green and in frustration and fatigue, pathetically asks the ball, "Don't you know where your home is?

Best Golf Putter solves Golf Putting Endurance Problem

Golf is a long and exhausting game that requires lots of endurance.  But when you have to put up with a defective tool that hinders your performance, fatigue can all too often set in -- they call that the dreaded "YIPS". 

​​Endurance Problem Solved! 

 As usual, when Cause is discovered Cure becomes obvious. 

This feeling overcomes even the best of golfers from time to time, the most famous being when Jordan Spieth three putted after landing his approach shot within inches of the cup (see video HERE).