​​Best Golf Putter Putting | COMPARISON

Feature Comparison

Every putter embodies three features...

Grip | Shaft | Head. 

Benefit Comparison

Every golf putter either helps or hinders putting performance in a dozen ways

​​Price is what you pay for something.  Value is what you get for your money.

When something lacks Value is Worthless at any Price. 

Value Comparison

Whether you measure Value by Features or Benefits or even by Price, the New Technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter is Valuable, in comparison with old style Blades or Mallets.

  • On Features, Quantum scores a perfect 100% in quantitative evaluation, while Blades/Mallets score a dismal 12% at best.
  • On Benefits, Quantum scores perfect 100% on qualitative evaluation, while Blades/Mallets score a dismal 17% at best.
  • On Price, Quantum at $195 plus customization service, is more price competitive than typical Blades/Mallets, which are usually priced higher and lack lack customization. 

Simply put, the new Quantum Putter is VALUABLE,

and old-style Blades/Mallets are WORTHLESS!