Founded in 2004 by Physicist & Human Factors Expert, Duane Engdahl, for the purpose of scientifically perfecting the golf putter. Now after years of dedicated effort his mission has been accomplished with the debut of the new technology Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter.

Finally in 2005 we took up where Schenectady left off and created Symmetric Golf Putter Technology which after great difficulty has finally been deemed conforming with the rules of golf. Since then, it has been featured at the World Scientific Congress of Golf, it has been tested and awarded the Certific of Merit by GolfTestUSA, and it is utility patent protected on all its embodiements until 2026. 


We sincerely believe  in the "Golden Rule" which guides us in everything we think/say/do.  So when you do business with us, you get Satisfaction Guarantee, Lifetime Warranty, Prompt Delivery, and Privacy Assurance. Click POLICY for details. 


Our history starts with the "Schenectady Putter" which was banned from the game back about 1900 for being too good. Then 1966 the "Ping Anser Putter" made its debut and started the "Blade" craze in golf putter design (which were defective enough to be allowed). Later in 2001, the "Odyssey 2-Ball" made its debut and started the "Mallet" craze (even more design defective).


We are a small business chartered by the Corporation Commission of the State of Arizona as a single member limited liability company with the founder, Duane Engdahl, as sole owner. Our putter heads are created by a high tech machine shop using the most modern CAD and CNC equipment, Our shafts and grips are made by companies which specialize in these parts. And our custom assembly is done by retired club makers who are very qualified to do this service for us on an independent contracting basis. All quality assurance and final product inspection is done personally by Engdahl. We are a very small but efficient operation, and our product/service is as good as it gets.

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