​​​​ Alignment Problem Solved! 

Best Golf Putter Putting | ALIGNMENT

Unnecessary Clutter Cure

Unnecessary Linear Alignment Aids and all added Clutter should be eliminated from view so the golfer can clearly concentrate on the task at hand unaffected by any unnecessary guidance a putter might want to offer. And that is exactly what we did with our perfected Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter

Intuitive Alignment Cure

The Best Golf Putter Putting embodies unique Intuitive alignment that happens almost without the golfer even knowing it. The sidebar shows how the reflection line of the black putter shaft integrates with a silver bar on the top of the putter head, thus showing clearly when the putter is off-lateral alignment, one way or the other. Only the Quantum Symmetric Golf Putter embodies this unique and very important alignment aid.   

 As usual, when Cause is discovered Cure becomes obvious. 

Best Golf Putter solves Golf Putting Alignment Problem

Shows when your setup is opened or closed to your intended line, 

Intuitive Alignment is the Cure


Of course only you determine your intended line and touch, but after that your Setup Alignment will decide whether or not your intention will be carried out by your putter. So what exactly can cause a putter to do that? 

  • Clutter Confusion -- Golf putter alignment aids have become all the rage since the Mallet Craze came upon the golfing scene, and now every putter maker is climbing over the others to make more and more innovative alignment aids. 

  • Unnecessary Linear Alignment Aids -- When you think about it, it is you the golfer that is in charge of setting your intended line, not your golf putter.  Your linear alignment is set by your setup stance, not by any markings on the top of your putter head. So linear alignment aids are unnecessary and actually add to clutter confusion. 

Your golf putter should send the ball down your intended line with your intended touch, doing so without confusing you with clutter that causes misalignment. If it fails to do this, then it should be tossed into the trash heap of defective design, and you should bag a better putter. 

This Problem has Three Causes

  • Lack of Intuituitive Lateral Alignment Aid -- What is importantant for precision putting and something your putter can do for you is this -- it can help you make sure the impact surface of the putter head is perpendicular with your intended line.