Golf is a game that is played on the Fairway, but won on the Green.

Sure nothing feels better to a golfer than a long straight drive down the center of the fairway, but the difference between a good drive and a great one is just a matter of a few yards, and those yards can easily be made up by using a longer iron on your second shot.

It is on the green where about half of the strokes on your scorecard are made. And when you consider this along with the fact that your golf putter is used about as often as all the rest of your clubs put together, you begin to realize just how important it is to have a good putter.

The putter you currently have in your bag is most likely not a good putter. Incredibly, the design of almost every putter on the golf market today is deficient at best and downright defective at worst. So if you are a performance oriented golfer, you should be looking for a better putter. We are here to help you with that search. ​​



If you dream of becoming better at the game of golf, you are at the right place. Please browse our golf putters putting topics, and when you're ready, click PURCHASE so we can make your dream come true.


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After reviewing the content of this website, you will be knowledgeable and confident about selecting your next and hopefully last golf putter.  Then you can toss your old troublemaker into the trash heap of defective design where it belongs, and concentrate on being as good as you can be at golf.

Trash heap of defective design

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